The Base Sentence

The topic should be a direct relationship to the thesis the thesis is going to express an argumentative point the first topic sentence of the first paragraph will be the first sub point that supports the thesis then the second topic sense will be the second sub point the third sentence in the AR the third topic sentence which will be in paragraph three will be the third sub point and it will so forth and so on if you have more paragraphs here’s an example say – thesis statement is our city needs to improve its public transportation okay it’s argumentative it’s an opinion that I have that I want to express so my first topic sentence might be our outdated public transportation system does not meet the demands of our population adequately and that could be an opinionated statement. Learn what opinionated statement is at Edusson.

Now I may have some facts that support what I have to say there but other people in the end area may disagree and think we have a perfect public transportation system so that first paragraph will in turn defend that particular that singular idea of presenting evidence of one of the transportation system doesn’t meet the demands of our population but do you see how that statement goes back and ties into the overall argument that we need to improve our public transportation and then after I’ve defended that paragraph and supported it my next topic sentence for this that it will go in the second paragraph would be expanding the current public transportation system would allow it to serve all areas of our community then I can move forward with that and explain what you see how there’s still a relationship to the thesis statement topic sentence three more citizens would use public transportation if it were more reliable another opinionated statement another statement that has to be justified or supported and yet it still relates back all to that to that thesis statement of the city needing to improve its public transportation.

Now note once I write all these sentences even though that’s the base sentence that I have I’m probably gonna have to tweak it a little bit and add transitions to it so that it connects with all the paragraphs that come before and after it or the sentence before it – the next sentence the last sentence of the paragraph before it into that sentence which leads off the new paragraph so transitions are important when we write our conclusion we want to do more than summarize the main points of the essay you know if all we do is summarize the main points that’s a that’s a good starting point but there needs to be a purpose if we’ve thought about who our audience is and who we’re writing to then we need to figure out a way to motivate them to take this information and use it in some way do something with it okay and in the conclusion you need to explain why your essay or argument is is important.

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