How to Quit Internet for Christmas

It is the time of the year when our family is back together, we are eating together and telling to each other what happened in our lives so far. Christmas is one of those moments when you realize that love is the most important thing humans have to share. It is the perfect chance to evaluate the year that has passed and to set goals for the next one.

That’s why I suggest you all to quit the internet for some days and experience the most deep emotions with your family and even with the snow. Man is the greatest creation that God has ever made and we must be independent. Internet addiction can be harmful even if we have online businesses. The online world “sucks” your energy and drains you out of power. You “recharge” yourself by socializing with people, going out with friends, keeping strong bonds with your family.

That’s how you refill the gap that the online is making. You may not notice it, but step by step you are losing the will to go outside and to engage yourself in various activities just because you don’t have time or you have to finish something (a blog post/guest post, some email newsletter, a plugin you wanted to use, some articles you had to read). In order to reach success, you must watch over for the balance in your life. Don’t spend most of the day trying to be the best blogger in the world. Did you ever think that this is not your natural ability?

As the year ends, I recommend you to grab a pen/pencil and do the following :

 Write down 5 things that you regret not having done

 Write down 5 accomplishments

 Set goals for the entire year

 Set goals for the first 3 months at least

 Think about the end of the next year, how would you like it to be?

 Be grateful for what you did

 Ask for more and the Universe will comply

Learn not to make the same mistakes you did so far, educate yourself to follow discipline and order in your actions, as these two values will take you to your point of destination. Don’t hesitate to help other people, whether we are talking about an old lady with a bag or a beginner blogger with some WordPress questions. Help and you will be given back prosperity. Don’t let yourself fall in selfish emotions as self-seeking is one of the most dangerous things of all.

Go out while you still have the chance! The internet will go nowhere, but your life, health and happiness will! Leave aside the world that depends on your internet connection and enable your emotional skills. You will see what a flow of energy and power you will experience. Knowing when to take a break is an essential ability of proven winners. You don’t have to be a non-stop working hammer, capitalize your inner values and increase them at the peaks you will want them to be.

Remember that :

 Time is the biggest asset each of us has, learn to appreciate it at its right value. Go out for Christmas and convert time into never-to-be-forgotten memories!

 There is no rush! Take a rest, let things cool down, don’t hurry to solve everything especially now.

 Love Yourself! Award free time for your efforts, give prizes to what you managed to accomplish so far.

Christmas is the time of gratitude and gifts, altruism and generosity. Think about the poor ones and those for whom Christmas is just an ordinary day. Give out some of your happiness and luck and you will feel the joy of loving! Don’t over-drink and don’t over-eat! Happy Holidays to you all!

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