Highlighting Research Text

Highlighting – I think it’s the first step not the last step and you’re writing ready writing you see the highlighted text and you go well I’ll just paraphrase that because it sounds really good and I’m not really sure I understand what they’re saying anyway I always think taking notes is the best way to go you should be able to tell your mom what the scholar says in the article your mom may not understand it but if you can articulate it then you can write it does that mean you have to cite it absolutely but it will be in your voice does that make sense ok all right articulate the conversation is taking place among the scholars what was everything in the living room ok consult your subject librarian Wow subject librarians are very helpful they’re lonely they want to talk to you you don’t talk to them you never call you never come by to see your subject librarian they want to see you go see them ok they can help you dig deeper. Learn how to do that on robotdon.com.

So you can get maybe so far with your research and then you hit a brick wall I can’t find anything in my field they go to the subject librarians see if you can dig a little deeper and you can find better articles more high-quality articles and consult your professors a lot of times a quick conversation with a professor can help a lot learn the writing citation style of your discipline okay you guys read a lot of those PDF articles right aren’t I mean honestly let’s be honest aren’t they boring sometimes and really you know once you know that’s why we get puppies so we can go do other things fun things right we don’t have to read all these boring articles so as you’re taking notes I’ll keep you engaged in the close reading also read for style what do I mean by style I’ll tell you that in a minute you can make an easy to reference guide for writing in your discipline as you read in your discipline you’re going to want to note whether you’re going to be using mostly summary you know.

A lot of direct quotes not very many mostly paraphrase mostly summary you’ll know as you read and you want to make notes of that okay because as you write you want to write in the style of your discipline it gives you credibility you know it makes you seem like one of them in the living room what about uses of I we what is recognized as appropriate in your own discipline now some of you guys are in cross disciplinary or interdisciplinary in wildlife and fisheries you may see a little of both depending on the direction of your study if you’re in psychology you may see a little bit of both in maybe a quantitative study you may not see we be used okay you also may see it being used in certain sections of the piece so for example you won’t see it you might see it in the intro and in the discussion but you won’t see it using the methods let’s say that’s getting pretty tricky right.

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