Create Your Tribe Using The Power of Commenting

People are crazy about blogging! Some of the bloggers are amateurs, hoping to become one day a writing guru; other are professionals, with awesome monthly income going into their pockets. The non-VIP bloggers are crazy about marketing their own name in this crowded business. And by crowded business I mean this – “There are over 32 million WordPress publishers as of December 2010: 16 million blogs hosted on WordPress.com plus 16.7 million active installations of the WordPress.org software.” And we’re talking only about WordPress blogs, but there is an approximate number of over 100 million blogs (+73 million Chinese blogs which we will not take into consideration) out of almost 2 billion Internet users, according to Internet World Stats.

Therefore, bloggers, amateurs or professionals represent like 10% out of the total internet surfers. It’s an obvious thing that the number of blogs will steadily increase over the next years and a part of the usual internet surfers will convert into bloggers. What methods of promoting do those that are already bloggers are using? Where do you stand in this market?

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Blog commenting has become one of the most used tools by emerging stars or beginning bloggers. There are thousands of articles on this; you can easily scout for them around the web if you’re not yet acquainted with this. You can see that the top 50 bloggers in some niche get a lot of comments, but 90% of those comments don’t have consistence and the true meaning of that comment is to get a visit back to their website. Sometimes this technique works, sometimes it doesn’t. What makes it fail and what makes it succeed?

Here are some suggestions that YOU SHOULD follow for having a correct commenting attitude

 Your website/blog has a pleasant environment for reading and a non-bouncing design. Don’t exaggerate with ads all over the place as it will make your first time visitors run away! Most of bloggers don’t understand this and they are constantly losing readers and visitors.

 There is good knowledge that you can share with possible one-time visitors. And I am not talking about the common phrase about content that we all know (content is king). You really need to write something awesome that will portray your own personality. There are many awesome posts ideas (see my article 7 Things I’ve Learnt While Being 3 Days Off-line); you just need to search for them in the right places, like going out for some hours and seeing a local mall or a library.

 Spend each day around 30 minutes – 1 hour commenting. If you will make a daily task out of this, you will surely develop your time management and commenting efficiency. Start a list of bloggers you appreciate and make a separate folder on your PC or a separate bookmark. Engage with passion and you will see real returns.

 Interact with as many people as you can. This is the best way to get known in the community. Go for the most interesting comments that there are (if you are not the first commenter) and come up with enticing replies. It will draw everybody’s attention and yield you a nice bonus after that. Act like a maestro and you will grow your readership.

Here are some things that YOU SHOULD AVOID making do for having a correct commenting attitude:

You are too damn addicted commenting only on top bloggers. They are not the single bloggers on the Earth. Chances are that you will get even lower amounts of visits by doing so, because most people there are commenting just like you, for the sake of getting back a visit. So they will not be pretty much interested in opening up your link, now wouldn’t they? Try to connect with medium or even low-profile bloggers, as those will surely interact with you and reply to each of your comments (or, at least, this is what they say).

You are not ready to impress new-comers on your web shelter. Don’t go in the commenting jungle if you didn’t “secure” your own bunker! Tweak your website until you think it can be revealed to the world. Grab a premium WordPress theme or customize it on your own. Be ready to capture your visitors like a spider into his cobweb. Inveigle them with awesome articles that could make them click more and more before deciding to close your website. Try to lure them using some pop-ups, good position of subscription widgets. Don’t make them feel you are haunting for them; don’t make the visitor feel threatened.

You are constantly shifting your focus from improving your website to promoting it before time. Don’t be anxious and nervous that your traffic is not increasing. Maybe you are trying too hard. Things must have a natural course of their own, so if you are a blogger, focus at first on delivering and creating the medium that will make your readers stay and feel like at home, then start the Gold Rush. You can change things at any point in the future, but major changes need to be done before going into the wild.

You are making out of this a passionless daily habit. Put passion and emotion! It may seem weird at first, because the online world is basically a non face-to-face environment, but you must feel that you really are the voice behind that comment. Don’t leave it as a mark of your presence, but as a mark of your persona. Make it stand out of the crowd. Appear scientific; appear maestro-like to grab the reader’s eye. You don’t even have to post day after day to all the posts that have high traffic! Find those that are on your taste and start writing! Don’t leave precisely one comment on each post and don’t mass comment all posts at once. Give each post your real feedback rather than commenting for the sake of getting quick returns in visits.

There is something that I want to describe even more – the effect of the commenting community. I remember reading a great post from The Skool of Life blog on this topic. The entire society is based on mini-groups and mini-tribes. If you want to succeed in the online business, you have to join or create your own tribe! In other words, you must build your friends list in the blogging industry. Don’t try making such friends as ProBloger, CopyBlogger or Seth Godin. Not that they are not friendly, but you realize there are tons of people trying to approach them and get a slice from their pie.

Pick up visitors/readers that comment on your/other’s blog and start a friendship with them. See if you have things in common and if it “will work out”. Subscribe to their feed, comment especially on their posts, try to act familiar and as if you know them for a life time. Some will appreciate this type of behavior, some will not. You need to go for those that smile all the time. What benefits a tribe of your own can give? :

 Life-time visitors. From the metric mind of a blogger, I must say that getting into a blogging circle of friends will assure you a life-time visiting frequency. Make 100 friends and keep in touch with them on a regular basis and you will get yourself 100 visits. But, you will not make friends with lonely guys, wouldn’t you? So multiply that 100 visits to 100 friends that your tribe member has and you have something around 1000 visits. Sounds great?

 Real feedback and support. You get the chance to hear real, unfiltered feedback regarding your blogger’s qualities. If you manage to build up at least some acquaintances, they will tell you what’s wrong and what is good in your blog, as design or content value. Also, they will honestly comment on your post and support you in your projects.

 Help. I admit that I’m a “beggar”. Not being a coder (I’m a life coach + speed reading coach), I found myself in the position to ask for help at numerous bloggers. When I created my blog, I didn’t want to spend money on a premium theme and this was my mistake. But, instead of that, I got myself some good friends and I don’t feel ashamed at all begging for help (sometimes I feel like a pain in the ass but the feeling quickly passes away).

The last 2 months have been a part of my exciting blogging adventure. I’ve met interesting people and bloggers that have helped me understand and evaluate online business at the proper level. This is why I want to thank Nicholas Cardot , Blog Tyrant, The Skool of Life, Famous Bloggers for their awesome advices and teachings. I’ve learned how to behave and how to manifest my online authority. But the people that I’m really grateful, people who have helped me build my own blog and to change small things with huge impact. This is my tribe (I’m not enumerating you guys as level of importance, you are all my buddies!) :

Pubudu Kotikara, creator of Tech Hamlet, a 19 year old awesome buddy from Sri Lanka. He’s always so nice and I think he’s a smile addicted, as he’s always pointing smiling faces when we talk. I thank him for all his help. By the way, he can help you with Thesis customization.

Ishan Sharma, creator of Blogging With Succes, an indian student who listens to awesome music while creating posts. I found him to be a total pleasant buddy, always ready to help me out!

Bryan Thompson, creator of Elevation Life, an awesome “dude”, like he likes to say, previous pastor living in The Simpson’s town. Has a tickling way of writing that simply makes you leave a comment!

JK Allen, creator of Hustlers Notebook, family guy with a wonderful family. Has a natural way of expressing his feedback and looks like a real hustler! He’s surprisingly warm and positive, which makes him a great read!

Jonathan Figaro, creator of The Dropout Kid, a 22 years “kid” with good motivational articles. Has a rocking design for the website and is a total social freak. At first, I thought he was a list enthusiast, but I discovered that his content is valuable.

Joonas Pääkkö, creator of Photoshop Mesta, young student from Finland with an awesome design eye. I love to call him Doc, as he Is always finding solutions to my graphic issues. Thank you!

Peter Joseph, creator of Ideas Bubble, open-minded Aussie with a passion for clean blogging, like myself. There are no ads on his blog and he has a rocking header image. Enjoy reading his articles.

Gera, creator of Sweet Foods, another smiling blogger who’s not shy to express his real feedback on any of the posts that concerns him. Connected with him on Twitter and having daily talks!

Jaky Astik, creator of Jaky Astiks Blog, affiliate marketer expert, revealed some inside secrets of the business. Talkative guy, with lots of knowledge in the marketing field. I sure need this guy!

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