The topic should be a direct relationship to the thesis the thesis is going to express an argumentative point the first topic sentence of the first paragraph will be the first sub point that supports the thesis then the second topic sense will be the second sub point the third sentence in the AR the third topic sentence which will be in paragraph three will be the third sub point and it will so forth and so on if you have more paragraphs here’s an example say – thesis statement is our city needs to improve its public transportation okay it’s argumentative it’s an opinion that I have that I want to express so my first topic sentence might be our outdated public transportation system does not meet the demands of our population adequately and that could be an opinionated statement. Learn what opinionated statement is at Edusson.

Now I may have some facts that support what I have to say there but other people in the end area may disagree and think we have a perfect public transportation system so that first paragraph will in turn defend that particular that singular idea of presenting evidence of one of the transportation system doesn’t meet the demands of our population but do you see how that statement goes back and ties into the overall argument that we need to improve our public transportation and then after I’ve defended that paragraph and supported it my next topic sentence for this that it will go in the second paragraph would be expanding the current public transportation system would allow it to serve all areas of our community then I can move forward with that and explain what you see how there’s still a relationship to the thesis statement topic sentence three more citizens would use public transportation if it were more reliable another opinionated statement another statement that has to be justified or supported and yet it still relates back all to that to that thesis statement of the city needing to improve its public transportation.

Now note once I write all these sentences even though that’s the base sentence that I have I’m probably gonna have to tweak it a little bit and add transitions to it so that it connects with all the paragraphs that come before and after it or the sentence before it – the next sentence the last sentence of the paragraph before it into that sentence which leads off the new paragraph so transitions are important when we write our conclusion we want to do more than summarize the main points of the essay you know if all we do is summarize the main points that’s a that’s a good starting point but there needs to be a purpose if we’ve thought about who our audience is and who we’re writing to then we need to figure out a way to motivate them to take this information and use it in some way do something with it okay and in the conclusion you need to explain why your essay or argument is is important.

Highlighting – I think it’s the first step not the last step and you’re writing ready writing you see the highlighted text and you go well I’ll just paraphrase that because it sounds really good and I’m not really sure I understand what they’re saying anyway I always think taking notes is the best way to go you should be able to tell your mom what the scholar says in the article your mom may not understand it but if you can articulate it then you can write it does that mean you have to cite it absolutely but it will be in your voice does that make sense ok all right articulate the conversation is taking place among the scholars what was everything in the living room ok consult your subject librarian Wow subject librarians are very helpful they’re lonely they want to talk to you you don’t talk to them you never call you never come by to see your subject librarian they want to see you go see them ok they can help you dig deeper. Learn how to do that on

So you can get maybe so far with your research and then you hit a brick wall I can’t find anything in my field they go to the subject librarians see if you can dig a little deeper and you can find better articles more high-quality articles and consult your professors a lot of times a quick conversation with a professor can help a lot learn the writing citation style of your discipline okay you guys read a lot of those PDF articles right aren’t I mean honestly let’s be honest aren’t they boring sometimes and really you know once you know that’s why we get puppies so we can go do other things fun things right we don’t have to read all these boring articles so as you’re taking notes I’ll keep you engaged in the close reading also read for style what do I mean by style I’ll tell you that in a minute you can make an easy to reference guide for writing in your discipline as you read in your discipline you’re going to want to note whether you’re going to be using mostly summary you know.

A lot of direct quotes not very many mostly paraphrase mostly summary you’ll know as you read and you want to make notes of that okay because as you write you want to write in the style of your discipline it gives you credibility you know it makes you seem like one of them in the living room what about uses of I we what is recognized as appropriate in your own discipline now some of you guys are in cross disciplinary or interdisciplinary in wildlife and fisheries you may see a little of both depending on the direction of your study if you’re in psychology you may see a little bit of both in maybe a quantitative study you may not see we be used okay you also may see it being used in certain sections of the piece so for example you won’t see it you might see it in the intro and in the discussion but you won’t see it using the methods let’s say that’s getting pretty tricky right.

My father taught me how to play chess when I was 7 or 8 years old. I soon discovered that I felt in love with that board chess and all its pieces. It was a story contained in 32 wooden pieces. My father’s intelligence and wise looks made me eager towards becoming a good chess player and I couldn’t wait for the day when I’ll have him defeated by my skillful play. Chess has taught me how to overcome unexpected situation even if I find myself in a big disadvantage or I’ve just lost some pieces. It was once the game of kings and they were using it to develop their “management” skills for the kingdom. Now we have the freedom to play it, learn and apply it to our intellectual doings.

Professional blogging or writing requires some intellectual skills that you need to master if you want to be recognized as a guru on your topic. And you need to be a guru, because people gather around them (subscribe around them) and listen to their dusty advices. Chess can be a a very brainy partner here. I’m not saying that if you don’t play chess, you’ll never be a successful blogger/writer or anything else related to intellectual stuff, just that it’s a personality torpedo as you rarely find these days!

12 Benefits of chess that we can implement in blogging or other activities:

1. Memory booster  the theory of the chess game isn’t that simple as there are lots of openings and lengthy variations. By playing chess, you will learn to recognize some patterns and apply the following steps. We know that a great blogger needs a good memory; it is one of the main pillars that support its authority.

2Focus improvement – this is all about goals and victory. You start a game focusing on winning the game, you start playing chess focusing on becoming a better player/a more intelligent person. Likewise, you write a post to gain audience; you start blogging to gain recognition. Maintaining the focus on your tasks/goals is a skill you must develop. Use the assignment writing services when you need.

3. Leverages logical thinking – this is the more obvious link between blogging and chess. Playing chess requires some understanding of logical strategy + human psychology + known openings; blogging uses understanding of visitor’s psychology + known habits + writing strategy . You can’t go without making mistakes, but you can improve your winning strategy after you’re learner how to deal with them. What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.

4. Creativity and imagination – you have to be inventive! Learning default combinations and applying them is just like copying other bloggers and using their own life styles/blogging ways. Don’t be afraid to let your own ideas spring all over the place. Use others as guiding shapes but not as carbon papers.

5. Independence – develop your own judgment and build neuronal patterns which lay the bricks to a strong, individual thinking. It may sound weird, but that small board of chess can condense, at a lower scale, society’s role models. By playing around, you learn to be yourself and to take specific actions.

6. Predicting and foreseeing/Planning ahead – one of Chess’s main properties. Our brain can work on established “roads”, no matter what the field of expertise is. For example, chess’s predicting and foreseeing techniques can even be applied in soccer, politics, movies, music. It makes you predict the outcome of present events and to foresee your own moves.

7. Success rewards hard work – more you play, better you become. More you write and analyze, “blogger” you become! Learn to take the losses and recover quickly from them. One of the greatest chess players ever, said, “You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game you win. You will have to lose hundreds of games before becoming a good player.”

8. Psychology – this game is an exam for your patience, nerves; your will power and focus skills. It is also a social tool we need, so try to play chess face-to-face not only using a computer. You have to know how to congratulate other for their wins and not being a hypocrite when doing so.

9. Dealing With Undesirable Situations – let’s say you’re almost at the end of your chess game and you are winning when your opponent makes a genius move and puts you in a very difficult situation. If the game has a big stake, then you’ll find yourself sweating and your heart will beat faster. By practicing, you’ll learn how to calm down, accept the situation and find the best outcome.

10. Responsibility for Actions – you are responsible for your actions, which are projections of your antecedent thoughts and plans. Writing a bad post will have its consequences just like losing your queen will do. Responsibility is a difficult skill to achieve but only when you’ll posses it, you shall have the freedom to consider yourself a fully mature human being.

11. Discipline – it takes a will of steel to finish a long game and to stick with your plans and tactics. There are traps which your opponent can set and you must remain well-schooled and follow your goals. Don’t let things taint nor distract your concentration from the main goal you have set for yourself.

12. Self Esteem – it is good to know what your level is and what you represent. Don’t boast yourself and be humble, no matter what but know who you are. Learn to value your skills and your abilities. In order to love others, you must love yourself. Trust yourself; you know more than you think you do.

Try to play chess as much as possible and each time search for a more powerful enemy. When you achieve a certain level in playing chess, you can start to apply chess’s rules into real life. This will help you make wise decisions as we sometimes need to apply critical verdicts, but we’re stumbling on emotions. Chess will uphold your blogging/living skills and teach how to mix emotion with reason.

Each one of us wants to succeed in what they’re doing – whether we’re talking about profit or non-profit objectives. We are encountered by lots of “gurus” and role models who are saying that everything is actually very easy to make and you don’t have to work very much to get to your goals. Or, at least, this is the image they are projecting towards our duckling minds.

There are thousands of advices and tips for getting closer to our objectives. The hard part is taking the action, actually doing something and not only listening for months to motivational lessons. You have to apply what the “masters” are transmitting to us. You need to stay Big and you can do it by thinking Big!

When People Want to Drive You DownTHINK BIG

We like it or not but there are so many situations in life where we are dealing with difficult people who have no other interests than to “bring” you down as they are not too busy leveraging their own abilities and lifes. You have to wisely treat this type of relationships in your life because this will grow your self-esteem and will set loose the coward in you.

 You win only when you refuse to fight petty people! Figthing with little people reduces you to their size. Stay big.

 Expect to be sniped at. It’s proof you’re growing.

 Remind yourself that snipers are psychologically sick. Be and Feel Big. Feel sorry for them.

 When You Feel “you haven’t got what it takes”THINK BIG

You have a job, family, car, circle of friends. Each of these 3 essential pillars of your life have tiny components that make your life as it is. Whether you are repairing your car, trying to solve a family issue or arguing with a friend, you sometimes feel you don’t have what it takes to win the situation. Take a deep breath and tink about your own persona’s importance, think in big terms whatever you are doing.

 Look important. It helps you think important. How you look on the outside has a lot to do with how you feel on the inside

 Concentrate on your assets. Learn to supercharge yourself. Know your positive self.

 Put other people in proper perspective. The other person is just another human being, so why be afraid of him?

 When a Quarrel or Fight seems InevitableTHINK BIG

Went to the grocery shop and the vendor was a total jerk? Your boss is being the most arrogant and selfish jerk of the Planet? You are on the edge of exploding, the last second before the bubble bursts…

 Just ask yourself – “Is this thing really that important to to argue about?”

 Remember that you never gain anything from an argument but you always lose something!

 Stop. You were granted the biggest gift that there is – life. Don’t fill precious moments with tanks of bad energy. If you have to, step back and let it go.

 When You Feel DefeatedTHINK BIG

I have learned most of this back when I was a teenager. Engaging myself in sport activities was one of the best things I could have done in my early life. Not only that I have learned that victory is nothing without tasting at least once the defeat, but I managed to extract valuable knowledge from it.

 The setback is a lesson. You have to learn from it. Research it and use it to propel you forward! Salvage somethin from every setback

 Blend persistence with experimentation. Back off and start fresh with a new approach.

 You only fall to climb back again. Discover and accept the reason that lead you to failure then start by removing it brick by brick.

 When “Romance” Starts to SlipTHINK BIG

In my circle of acquaintances there is a girl that likes me a lot, and I feel it each time we hang out togheter with our friends. But I don’t like her at all. What I try to make is understand the way she thinks in order to know how to approach her and not hurting her feelings. Empathy is the key in these situations.

 Focus on the biggest qualities in the person you want to love/appreciate/value you. Put little things where they belong – in second place

 Do something special for your mate/partner – and do it often. Think Big Enough to find the secret to marital joys.

 Try to shift your Point of View to his/her POV. Being objective towards yourself is a good key for understanding even the most complicated relationships.

 When Your Progress on your Project is Slowing DownTHINK BIG

This blog is a project, your own is a project. The simplest outcome for a blog is for it to die, because it is so hard to “waste” your time writing, interacting and climbing the traffic scale. Quitting is the easiest way to end a project, but going forward is not that hard also!

 Having continuity in things is a hard task to compete with. Learn to glue the steps by thinking of the final goal, which has to be big.

 Refresh often! Let new ideas flow in if you feel uncomfortable with the old ones.

 Don’t lose the focus and award each accomplished step by giving you gifts. For example, I awarded myself for writing this post with an awesome meal at a mexican restaurant.

It is the time of the year when our family is back together, we are eating together and telling to each other what happened in our lives so far. Christmas is one of those moments when you realize that love is the most important thing humans have to share. It is the perfect chance to evaluate the year that has passed and to set goals for the next one.

That’s why I suggest you all to quit the internet for some days and experience the most deep emotions with your family and even with the snow. Man is the greatest creation that God has ever made and we must be independent. Internet addiction can be harmful even if we have online businesses. The online world “sucks” your energy and drains you out of power. You “recharge” yourself by socializing with people, going out with friends, keeping strong bonds with your family.

That’s how you refill the gap that the online is making. You may not notice it, but step by step you are losing the will to go outside and to engage yourself in various activities just because you don’t have time or you have to finish something (a blog post/guest post, some email newsletter, a plugin you wanted to use, some articles you had to read). In order to reach success, you must watch over for the balance in your life. Don’t spend most of the day trying to be the best blogger in the world. Did you ever think that this is not your natural ability?

As the year ends, I recommend you to grab a pen/pencil and do the following :

 Write down 5 things that you regret not having done

 Write down 5 accomplishments

 Set goals for the entire year

 Set goals for the first 3 months at least

 Think about the end of the next year, how would you like it to be?

 Be grateful for what you did

 Ask for more and the Universe will comply

Learn not to make the same mistakes you did so far, educate yourself to follow discipline and order in your actions, as these two values will take you to your point of destination. Don’t hesitate to help other people, whether we are talking about an old lady with a bag or a beginner blogger with some WordPress questions. Help and you will be given back prosperity. Don’t let yourself fall in selfish emotions as self-seeking is one of the most dangerous things of all.

Go out while you still have the chance! The internet will go nowhere, but your life, health and happiness will! Leave aside the world that depends on your internet connection and enable your emotional skills. You will see what a flow of energy and power you will experience. Knowing when to take a break is an essential ability of proven winners. You don’t have to be a non-stop working hammer, capitalize your inner values and increase them at the peaks you will want them to be.

Remember that :

 Time is the biggest asset each of us has, learn to appreciate it at its right value. Go out for Christmas and convert time into never-to-be-forgotten memories!

 There is no rush! Take a rest, let things cool down, don’t hurry to solve everything especially now.

 Love Yourself! Award free time for your efforts, give prizes to what you managed to accomplish so far.

Christmas is the time of gratitude and gifts, altruism and generosity. Think about the poor ones and those for whom Christmas is just an ordinary day. Give out some of your happiness and luck and you will feel the joy of loving! Don’t over-drink and don’t over-eat! Happy Holidays to you all!

The online business has become The Land of Canaan for so many people. You see solutions and plans for making you rich at every digital street corner. It’s a common thing these days that online writers have an eBook of their own that can shed a light on your actual problems. We are being advised to buy SEO plugins, landing pages, wordpress themes and skins, subscription boxes and … pop-up forms. There are people who are totally against pop-ups; people who appreciate a business or site that uses such a feature and others that just don’t mind.

With so many bloggers around, (16 millions self-hosted with WordPress), it’s so hard to keep up and provide awesome content, wrapped in clear, welcoming design instead of some “highways” with advertising banners. I still wonder how is it possible for some websites, filled up with a lot of clutter to have so many visits. Is it good to have one running on your website or it is bad for the business?

How will pop-ups affect my readers?

In general and simple terms, a pop-up can be so damn annoying and it can make you leave that website and never return again. There are many people who are totally against this kind of promotion or way of getting more subscribers. That’s why you need to be very, very careful if you decide to implement such a feature on your website.

Did you see the movie about Facebook creation, “The Social Network”? In the movie, there’s a moment when Facebook Co-Founder Eduard Saverin makes known his intentions of monetizing the website, when they had around 75,000 members. Mark was reluctant towards Eduard’s proposal because he believed in his own creation and didn’t want to besmirch it with some advertising. It would have been like “leaving the party at 11″. The same goes with the pop-ups. What’s your stand on your product?

There are many possible options of developing your online readership and a pop-up form can be an useful tool, if it is properly used. So, before making or buying, you should be able to know the answer to the following questions:

1.  Are you giving out real advice and real value for others to add to their own lives?

I have a pop-up, as you have noticed already. But it appears only once in 10 days, so you may want to apply the same time frame. Some products suggest that you should use 7 days, but I think it’s too early. Don’t set it to 20 days though, as there will be readers that will not visit your website (sad but true) after some days. So, if you want to use that pop-up, you have to be absolutely sure that your readers will not take it as an aggressivily sign and they will not back up. They must feel you’re not trying to put your claws on them (even if this is true…) but rather to feel that you are their friend and you’re trying to build a community around your life experience and the advices you can provide them with.

2.  Are your products and information that good that your readers will not be affected by a pop-up?

People hate ads. Even if advertising is the soul of the commerce, we still don’t like it; but we do like the feeling when we make a little cash out of it. A pop-up is already a form of “in house” advertising. You try to convert an unique visitor into a permanent visitor. So you should be really careful with how “agressive” your form is, and what exactly is the “call” you want to put forward. Don’t “spam” people with message after their subscription has occurred. Two or three mails with a link to your best posts should do better if you want to keep your “reputation” clean.

3. Do you care about your readers?

The majority of those who use pop-up forms are not (yet) people with a very big readership so they use them to get there. How long are you going to use the pop-ups? Will you stop if you’ll have at least 5000 subscribers or you’ll see it as a good sign and keep on going? In time, you will learn that each and every reader you have is very important, so eventually you will have to stop using pop-ups, as it is being perceived by a category of people as an intrusive form of selling out your skills. Of course, there are exceptions. You must know what your target is, in matters of numbers. That’s how Google succeeded – simple, clean and ad-free (until they reached their goals).

Efficient use of pop-up forms

I’m a big fan of clean blogging or, at least, blogging with care. You may seem a banner on the website, but that’s just a help I’m giving out. I tend to avoid advertising (especially advertising networks) as much as possible, because that’s not what I want for my online authority to express. The main purpose of a blog can be either to monetize it or just to express yourself. I think that you can make a pretty nice mix out of that only if you know how to glue those things together with passion.

Providing value and wisdom is a great way to get appreciation and enhance your online reputation. It may take a while, so patience is also needed. Don’t rush and buy whatever you can so that your blog could be as famous as it gets. Focus more on what can you deliver, on what are your abilities and only after that – think about converting this into a business model. You can’t start marketing something that is not yet definite. Building a blog isn’t an easy task but destroying it is a kid’s play. Ask yourself – “how serious I am about blogging?”, “what’s the ultimate purpose?”. Great achievements come often after insistent questions.

Where does the pop-up come in? How can it build your blog castle? Here are the “bricks” you need to use in your construction process:

1.  Make a name for yourself and then pop-up your blog!

What exactly does “a name” mean? Can it be counted in number of visitors or in what? For me, my name and my reputation is what I want it to be. If I feel that my previous articles contain enough knowledge and are a big value plus for all those who read them, then I can boldly say – I’ve built a name for myself! Of course, that is for each to decide when exactly they feel that they’ve built a name and that they can start using a little more agressive methods. For me, it was the moment when I got more than 130 comments for an article.

2.  Stop being obsessed with subscribers!

I realized this thing just 4 years ago, after 3 years of an excruciating blogging experience with 5 articles/week. The problem was that I was being too obsessed with making a name for myself and becoming a blogger that everybody will praise and follow its advices. Then I realized that I’m taking the wrong stand. So, I changed my “business model” and decided that I will sell my blog once it will have enough traffic, content and monetizing power. When I sold it, I had more than 5000 daily visits. Do you think someone asked for the number of subscribers? But, that’s my personal example, it can or can’t work with you. However, the big lesson that I took was that if you are more relaxed and not so damn obsessed, there are much more chance that you will succeed. You have to flow with the river and stay motivated.

3.  Be honest, concise and ATTRACTIVE

You can write an eBook and use it as method of getting more readers, but you have to be scrupulous when doing so. Are you being honest? Is your writing completely original or you’re just making a remake after ProBlogger? You must put in your real view, your real feedback and real insight of what you know and what you can do. For example, I’ve written a short eBook about how you can improve your learning by 100% (subscribe and get it :D ). In the whole process of its creation, I managed to be honest and concise, as my main fields of interests are blogging advices and self-improvement techniques. So, I considered that what a blogger needs the most is the power to learn and understand things, thus I created a product that could attract possible readers. Don’t exaggerate and promise things that you can’t deliver.

I am not going to recommend you any specific pop-up products, because I don’t want to influence you. But, if you’re not a novice in the business, you should already know what are the most popular ones. I can tell you for sure that there’s no pop-up to meet both the demands of the blogger and the visitors. There will always be something more to ask for.

So far, my personal experience with pop-ups has been a good one; I can tell that by looking at my bounce rate level, which still is somewhere under 1%, which is actually awesome. This is a proof that if you put in real regard on what you’re doing and you’re really motivated and inspired in what you’re doing, there’s just no other way than success!

Now hold on, don’t throw your stones at me just because I made this post a little bit alluring or enticing then it should normally be. But let’s be honest, you (and I) would have never clicked on a title that says something like this “Drinking water is good for your blogger’s health”. Actually, the title is 100% true, and you will see what I’m talking about in what follows.

The total amount of water in a man of average weight (70 kilograms) is approximately 40 liters, averaging 57 percent of his total body weight. In a newborn infant, this may be as high as 75 percent of the body weight, but it progressively decreases from birth to old age, most of the decrease occurring during the first 10 years of life. Also, obesity decreases the percentage of water in the body, sometimes to as low as 45 percent


We all know that drinking water is something that our body needs because we heard our parents, we heard friends, tv shows and so on. But what has this to do with our blogging abilities? How can water, at first, such a commonplace thing which we’re quite used to, improve our personal skills?

First of all, you must know that the brain is composed of 70% water and the lungs nearly 90%. It’s obvious that brain couldn’t survive without lungs and that we need to “breeze” our brain from time to time, especially if we have a sedentary way of life. Lungs need water to be fully functional in order to maintain brain’s “tasks” and brain, likewise, needs air+water to perform his daily goals/commands.  This is just the physical aspect of water’s properties.

Have you ever thought that Earth’s biggest encyclopedia is … water? Did it ever come to you to think just for some seconds what’s so special about this water? Well, it took mankind some thousands of years to realize that water is the UNIVERSAL MEMORY of the Earth. Let’s explain :

Dr. Jacques Benveniste has discovered certain scientific properties of water.  These properties cannot be explained by conventional physics.   He calls this particular brand of science digital biology.  And to note: other scientists have duplicated his experiments.

Here are the tenets of his discovery:

1. When a substance is diluted in water, the water can carry the memory of that substance even after it has been so diluted that none of the molecules of the original substance remain; and

2. The molecules of any given substance have a spectrum of frequencies that can be digitally recorded with a computer, then played back into untreated water (using an electronic transducer), and when this is done, the new water will act as if the actual substance were physically present.

Things got more clear when Masaru Emoto,  – a personality that I highly respect, appreciate and whose books I read – discovered that water can change its “shape” under the effect of human words and thoughts.  This is how he did it – he took a glass of water from the faucet and stick on it a note where he has written love, after that he had frozen it and took some pictures of its crystals (with a microscope, of course). You can see what a beautiful crystal he obtained.

"Love" crystal

I am not going to please you with more incredible images, but I suggest you to go here for some incredible crystals. But I can’t help it and I will share with you some videos that will basically shift your view on water and its role. Just sit back and relax while viewing this, it will fill your heart and soul with peace and energy.

I hope I’ve already convinced you that water is changing its molecular structure based on the input that it gets from us, wether it is music, words or thoughts. But what happens when we’re sending negative emotions and feelings? Here’s an example :

Bad energy on crystal water

Here’s an image which represents the words Adolf Hitler.

Water Crystal exposed to words Adolf Hitler

If water didn’t have memory of past events that happened to humanity, how could it change its crystals like that? Is it just random or water indeed has memory? I am already sure – water takes the shape of your words, thoughts and why not, even actions. Now , imagine what happens with us? Our brain is 70% of water, lungs – 95% and we around 65%. Do you remember emotional moments in your life (let’s say a bully scarried you in the school or your first kiss) and you felt like you had no air? I was so glad when finding this information, because I didn’t realize what a powerful tool I had each day near me.

There are not so many folks out there who know this information and possibly some of them will take it as a bu$$it. We don’t mind them, as ignorance is the belief of the blind. You MUST speak with the water each time you drink it, each time you eat and even each time you remember it. I personally think that Words have impact on our lifes through water and that’s why each time I drink something I think about something really wonderful, like a sunny weekend with the family or just visualize words like peace, health, satisfaction, happiness. Looking at my life right now, I can tell you that this works each day. Imagine how our lives would have been if they had taught something like this in school…

Back to blogging. What problems to bloggers face today?

  • lack of money
  • lack of energy
  • lack of inspiration
  • lack of movement (yes, there are lots of sedentary bloggers out there)

Now, I suggest you take the following steps : think about a day, in the future, when you usually blog, but this time, you have a beautiful smile on your face, knowing that you’re amongst the top bloggers in the industry. Sounds like a damn lie, isn’t it? Well, there aren’t fulfilled dreams without work and perseverance. But, you have alongside you this great partner – water. Now, between NOW and THEN there are lots of steps you need to accomplish. I suggest you think about ENERGY, PASSION, SATISFACTION, INSPIRATION, GRATITUDE, WISDOM when working on your blog’s ascension. It will give you just the right mood you need to make the work.

The great scholar, mr. Emoto, suggests that we fill our rooms, work spaces with images of water crystals. Follow the links I’ve given you and print wich one you find more suitable for you. Then print it in color, and put it in the room where you usually work. You’ll notice the boost of energy very soon! Also, do as I do – pick a really wonderful picture and set is as wallpaper on your computer. You can even go deeper and change your gravatar, internet profile, social network pictures to water crystal pictures. This already sounds like internet voodoo, but being enthusiastic about it will only help you achieve sooner your goals.

People are crazy about blogging! Some of the bloggers are amateurs, hoping to become one day a writing guru; other are professionals, with awesome monthly income going into their pockets. The non-VIP bloggers are crazy about marketing their own name in this crowded business. And by crowded business I mean this – “There are over 32 million WordPress publishers as of December 2010: 16 million blogs hosted on plus 16.7 million active installations of the software.” And we’re talking only about WordPress blogs, but there is an approximate number of over 100 million blogs (+73 million Chinese blogs which we will not take into consideration) out of almost 2 billion Internet users, according to Internet World Stats.

Therefore, bloggers, amateurs or professionals represent like 10% out of the total internet surfers. It’s an obvious thing that the number of blogs will steadily increase over the next years and a part of the usual internet surfers will convert into bloggers. What methods of promoting do those that are already bloggers are using? Where do you stand in this market?

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Blog commenting has become one of the most used tools by emerging stars or beginning bloggers. There are thousands of articles on this; you can easily scout for them around the web if you’re not yet acquainted with this. You can see that the top 50 bloggers in some niche get a lot of comments, but 90% of those comments don’t have consistence and the true meaning of that comment is to get a visit back to their website. Sometimes this technique works, sometimes it doesn’t. What makes it fail and what makes it succeed?

Here are some suggestions that YOU SHOULD follow for having a correct commenting attitude

 Your website/blog has a pleasant environment for reading and a non-bouncing design. Don’t exaggerate with ads all over the place as it will make your first time visitors run away! Most of bloggers don’t understand this and they are constantly losing readers and visitors.

 There is good knowledge that you can share with possible one-time visitors. And I am not talking about the common phrase about content that we all know (content is king). You really need to write something awesome that will portray your own personality. There are many awesome posts ideas (see my article 7 Things I’ve Learnt While Being 3 Days Off-line); you just need to search for them in the right places, like going out for some hours and seeing a local mall or a library.

 Spend each day around 30 minutes – 1 hour commenting. If you will make a daily task out of this, you will surely develop your time management and commenting efficiency. Start a list of bloggers you appreciate and make a separate folder on your PC or a separate bookmark. Engage with passion and you will see real returns.

 Interact with as many people as you can. This is the best way to get known in the community. Go for the most interesting comments that there are (if you are not the first commenter) and come up with enticing replies. It will draw everybody’s attention and yield you a nice bonus after that. Act like a maestro and you will grow your readership.

Here are some things that YOU SHOULD AVOID making do for having a correct commenting attitude:

You are too damn addicted commenting only on top bloggers. They are not the single bloggers on the Earth. Chances are that you will get even lower amounts of visits by doing so, because most people there are commenting just like you, for the sake of getting back a visit. So they will not be pretty much interested in opening up your link, now wouldn’t they? Try to connect with medium or even low-profile bloggers, as those will surely interact with you and reply to each of your comments (or, at least, this is what they say).

You are not ready to impress new-comers on your web shelter. Don’t go in the commenting jungle if you didn’t “secure” your own bunker! Tweak your website until you think it can be revealed to the world. Grab a premium WordPress theme or customize it on your own. Be ready to capture your visitors like a spider into his cobweb. Inveigle them with awesome articles that could make them click more and more before deciding to close your website. Try to lure them using some pop-ups, good position of subscription widgets. Don’t make them feel you are haunting for them; don’t make the visitor feel threatened.

You are constantly shifting your focus from improving your website to promoting it before time. Don’t be anxious and nervous that your traffic is not increasing. Maybe you are trying too hard. Things must have a natural course of their own, so if you are a blogger, focus at first on delivering and creating the medium that will make your readers stay and feel like at home, then start the Gold Rush. You can change things at any point in the future, but major changes need to be done before going into the wild.

You are making out of this a passionless daily habit. Put passion and emotion! It may seem weird at first, because the online world is basically a non face-to-face environment, but you must feel that you really are the voice behind that comment. Don’t leave it as a mark of your presence, but as a mark of your persona. Make it stand out of the crowd. Appear scientific; appear maestro-like to grab the reader’s eye. You don’t even have to post day after day to all the posts that have high traffic! Find those that are on your taste and start writing! Don’t leave precisely one comment on each post and don’t mass comment all posts at once. Give each post your real feedback rather than commenting for the sake of getting quick returns in visits.

There is something that I want to describe even more – the effect of the commenting community. I remember reading a great post from The Skool of Life blog on this topic. The entire society is based on mini-groups and mini-tribes. If you want to succeed in the online business, you have to join or create your own tribe! In other words, you must build your friends list in the blogging industry. Don’t try making such friends as ProBloger, CopyBlogger or Seth Godin. Not that they are not friendly, but you realize there are tons of people trying to approach them and get a slice from their pie.

Pick up visitors/readers that comment on your/other’s blog and start a friendship with them. See if you have things in common and if it “will work out”. Subscribe to their feed, comment especially on their posts, try to act familiar and as if you know them for a life time. Some will appreciate this type of behavior, some will not. You need to go for those that smile all the time. What benefits a tribe of your own can give? :

 Life-time visitors. From the metric mind of a blogger, I must say that getting into a blogging circle of friends will assure you a life-time visiting frequency. Make 100 friends and keep in touch with them on a regular basis and you will get yourself 100 visits. But, you will not make friends with lonely guys, wouldn’t you? So multiply that 100 visits to 100 friends that your tribe member has and you have something around 1000 visits. Sounds great?

 Real feedback and support. You get the chance to hear real, unfiltered feedback regarding your blogger’s qualities. If you manage to build up at least some acquaintances, they will tell you what’s wrong and what is good in your blog, as design or content value. Also, they will honestly comment on your post and support you in your projects.

 Help. I admit that I’m a “beggar”. Not being a coder (I’m a life coach + speed reading coach), I found myself in the position to ask for help at numerous bloggers. When I created my blog, I didn’t want to spend money on a premium theme and this was my mistake. But, instead of that, I got myself some good friends and I don’t feel ashamed at all begging for help (sometimes I feel like a pain in the ass but the feeling quickly passes away).

The last 2 months have been a part of my exciting blogging adventure. I’ve met interesting people and bloggers that have helped me understand and evaluate online business at the proper level. This is why I want to thank Nicholas Cardot , Blog Tyrant, The Skool of Life, Famous Bloggers for their awesome advices and teachings. I’ve learned how to behave and how to manifest my online authority. But the people that I’m really grateful, people who have helped me build my own blog and to change small things with huge impact. This is my tribe (I’m not enumerating you guys as level of importance, you are all my buddies!) :

Pubudu Kotikara, creator of Tech Hamlet, a 19 year old awesome buddy from Sri Lanka. He’s always so nice and I think he’s a smile addicted, as he’s always pointing smiling faces when we talk. I thank him for all his help. By the way, he can help you with Thesis customization.

Ishan Sharma, creator of Blogging With Succes, an indian student who listens to awesome music while creating posts. I found him to be a total pleasant buddy, always ready to help me out!

Bryan Thompson, creator of Elevation Life, an awesome “dude”, like he likes to say, previous pastor living in The Simpson’s town. Has a tickling way of writing that simply makes you leave a comment!

JK Allen, creator of Hustlers Notebook, family guy with a wonderful family. Has a natural way of expressing his feedback and looks like a real hustler! He’s surprisingly warm and positive, which makes him a great read!

Jonathan Figaro, creator of The Dropout Kid, a 22 years “kid” with good motivational articles. Has a rocking design for the website and is a total social freak. At first, I thought he was a list enthusiast, but I discovered that his content is valuable.

Joonas Pääkkö, creator of Photoshop Mesta, young student from Finland with an awesome design eye. I love to call him Doc, as he Is always finding solutions to my graphic issues. Thank you!

Peter Joseph, creator of Ideas Bubble, open-minded Aussie with a passion for clean blogging, like myself. There are no ads on his blog and he has a rocking header image. Enjoy reading his articles.

Gera, creator of Sweet Foods, another smiling blogger who’s not shy to express his real feedback on any of the posts that concerns him. Connected with him on Twitter and having daily talks!

Jaky Astik, creator of Jaky Astiks Blog, affiliate marketer expert, revealed some inside secrets of the business. Talkative guy, with lots of knowledge in the marketing field. I sure need this guy!

Blogging may seem different but it is for sure one of the hardest things to do, if you want to take it to the awesome level. You find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of information and things you need to do. There’s a need to bookmark everything that you see and deserves your attention. You end up having tens of bookmark folders filled up with hundreds of websites. The online world is draining your life power if you don’t know when to stop and take a break. After returning to the online universe, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on new heights!

1. You Need to Take a Break!

This almost shocked me. The first day when I have quit logging and checking all my favorite bloggers/websites/news channels and so on I found myself having some oppressive headaches. I felt like going out of air, or even worse – out of drugs. I realized that the link between me and the online universe has become stronger than the natural link between me and Earth or Civilization. As fantastic it  may sound, but this is true. And I am sure that I am not the only one in this situation. Cut the wire that squeezes you into this mad online world and let your being float back amongst its brethren.

2. Control Your Weight

Sitting all day in front of the electronic box isn’t too healthy, we all know this. But from knowing to taking actions there’s such a huge gap and most of us fall into it, sooner or later. I tried doing some push-ups after losing at a card game with my friends and guess what? My breathing sounded almost like a boar’s one and I felt my arms were burning. I felt ashamed in front of my friends. But I took action! In this morning, for example, I have made the following exercises which I recommend you all :

 30 push-ups
 50 squats
 30 trunk lifts

It would be awesome if you could do this after 2 or 3 hours of work in front of the pc as it is much better than staying the whole day on the chair and then go jogging. This article I found to be very informative – Your Blogging is Damaging your Health

3. Stop and Refresh, Refresh and Stop

My goal, when I started this blog, was to write quality posts and to create a community of people interested in interacting around such subjects as self-improvement, alternative learning and so on. But I soon found out that I have lost so many hours trying to play the role of the WordPress designer/WordPress beginner and many others things that I’m not very proficient at. I made a very bad choice and didn’t buy a theme because I thought it doesn’t provide too much advantages over a free one.

Encountered by hundreds of bloggers with hundreds of eBooks, I wanted to read them all! My printer’s gone mad in the last 2 months. The break I took helped me realize what was my primary goal. Now my effort goes more on the writing part (I am working on my speed reading book) than on the design one. I feel so bad now knowing that I lost so much valuable time, but if it wasn’t for the break, probably I would have wasted more and more precious moments not acting naturally.

4. Time is Gold

The quickest day in the world is the cyber day. Our brain is like  a needle in a haystack trying to learn some things that could get him out of there sharper and better. The most precious asset that we have is time, and it is the single tool that we can use to leverage ourselves and to get quicker to our targets. What happens when we misuse it? It turns its back on us. Time is like a wild horse, it’s hard to domesticate it, but once you’ve done, it will become your strong partner.

Don’t waste time reading what you don’t need! Don’t give away YOUR time to OTHERS. Develop your own skills by “chew”-ing incredible resources, such as time management, speed reading. I have learned to make things that take a big load of time in less time learning time management and speed reading. You need to allocate for each task a specific time amount. I advice you not to give more than 5-6 hours to everything that relates to blogging or online. Try to be active by interacting with people who have important things to share and be passive reading books that worth your time.

5. Unlimited Inspiration for Posts

Even this post was something that I thought about when dining with my family. When I was at my cousin’s place and saw his pigeons, another idea popped into my mind. Grabbing some of Dale Carnegie’s books gave me like 5-6 ideas for great posts. Speaking with some of my past teachers got me thinking even about a book about learning. What I am trying to say here is – the “real” world is richer in “filtered information” with a more human shape than the virtual world is. Even Darren Rowse from ProBlogger suggested in one of his books that you need to take a walk to the mall to see how the live marketing is being done.

More interesting is the fact that you get the chance to write about things you like and you do, like I did in my previous posts about how can Chess Improve Your Blogging skills or you can get an idea of a wonderful, exotic yet very informative and unusual post, like this one – Drinking Water Will Make You a Better Blogger. There are so many resources out there from which you can pick some of the most interesting post to surprise your audience.

6. Keep Your Friends Close

This advice/conclusion can be a real pillar for whatever you are doing, whether you are a blogger or not. You need your friends, no matter what you are doing and who you are. Being alone is just not right and it will not help you achieve awesome results. It can help you accomplish some tasks, but for big results you always need a team. Before that, you need support and help, appreciation and guidance. You friends are wells of joy, well being and optimism for you.

Keep them close, speak to them about your evolution, be an effective listener and help them too. Online communication is good, but that is more keeping in touch than actually spending time with your friends. Go to a movie, rent some bikes, have a beer! Unleash the energy within you with those who know you the best and make you feel great. This lesson can also be found in The Secret book, where is written “do more of what you love and do it often”.

7. Love Yourself

No, this is not narcissism or any other form of vanity or simple selfishness. We are talking more about knowing who you are and what you represent. Something like your coefficient of personality’s frugality or humbleness. For example, I know that I am a good soccer player/trainer/speed reader, therefore I try to do more of these things that make me appreciate myself. Interacting with people during seminars or playing a soccer game is a much more exciting experience than writing a post and receiving thousands of visitors/thousand of comments. I reckon that the online success also gives a thrill of its own, but there are many other sides of our ego that we don’t develop. Maybe you are a good painter, singer, musician, graffiti artist, potter, hand made enthusiast, children animator, gossip-er (why not), actor and the list goes on.

Don’t limit yourself to what you are doing most time of the day and what you are focusing the most. For example, since September this year, I am taking acting classes, not that I am that much into acting but I dreamed making movies. Maybe this will not yield what I expect, but I get such a big load of life experience which makes my own existence more valuable to myself and the people I know.