7 Lessons I’ve Learned While Being 3 Days Off-Line

Blogging may seem different but it is for sure one of the hardest things to do, if you want to take it to the awesome level. You find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of information and things you need to do. There’s a need to bookmark everything that you see and deserves your attention. You end up having tens of bookmark folders filled up with hundreds of websites. The online world is draining your life power if you don’t know when to stop and take a break. After returning to the online universe, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on new heights!

1. You Need to Take a Break!

This almost shocked me. The first day when I have quit logging and checking all my favorite bloggers/websites/news channels and so on I found myself having some oppressive headaches. I felt like going out of air, or even worse – out of drugs. I realized that the link between me and the online universe has become stronger than the natural link between me and Earth or Civilization. As fantastic it  may sound, but this is true. And I am sure that I am not the only one in this situation. Cut the wire that squeezes you into this mad online world and let your being float back amongst its brethren.

2. Control Your Weight

Sitting all day in front of the electronic box isn’t too healthy, we all know this. But from knowing to taking actions there’s such a huge gap and most of us fall into it, sooner or later. I tried doing some push-ups after losing at a card game with my friends and guess what? My breathing sounded almost like a boar’s one and I felt my arms were burning. I felt ashamed in front of my friends. But I took action! In this morning, for example, I have made the following exercises which I recommend you all :

 30 push-ups
 50 squats
 30 trunk lifts

It would be awesome if you could do this after 2 or 3 hours of work in front of the pc as it is much better than staying the whole day on the chair and then go jogging. This article I found to be very informative – Your Blogging is Damaging your Health

3. Stop and Refresh, Refresh and Stop

My goal, when I started this blog, was to write quality posts and to create a community of people interested in interacting around such subjects as self-improvement, alternative learning and so on. But I soon found out that I have lost so many hours trying to play the role of the WordPress designer/WordPress beginner and many others things that I’m not very proficient at. I made a very bad choice and didn’t buy a theme because I thought it doesn’t provide too much advantages over a free one.

Encountered by hundreds of bloggers with hundreds of eBooks, I wanted to read them all! My printer’s gone mad in the last 2 months. The break I took helped me realize what was my primary goal. Now my effort goes more on the writing part (I am working on my speed reading book) than on the design one. I feel so bad now knowing that I lost so much valuable time, but if it wasn’t for the break, probably I would have wasted more and more precious moments not acting naturally.

4. Time is Gold

The quickest day in the world is the cyber day. Our brain is like  a needle in a haystack trying to learn some things that could get him out of there sharper and better. The most precious asset that we have is time, and it is the single tool that we can use to leverage ourselves and to get quicker to our targets. What happens when we misuse it? It turns its back on us. Time is like a wild horse, it’s hard to domesticate it, but once you’ve done, it will become your strong partner.

Don’t waste time reading what you don’t need! Don’t give away YOUR time to OTHERS. Develop your own skills by “chew”-ing incredible resources, such as time management, speed reading. I have learned to make things that take a big load of time in less time learning time management and speed reading. You need to allocate for each task a specific time amount. I advice you not to give more than 5-6 hours to everything that relates to blogging or online. Try to be active by interacting with people who have important things to share and be passive reading books that worth your time.

5. Unlimited Inspiration for Posts

Even this post was something that I thought about when dining with my family. When I was at my cousin’s place and saw his pigeons, another idea popped into my mind. Grabbing some of Dale Carnegie’s books gave me like 5-6 ideas for great posts. Speaking with some of my past teachers got me thinking even about a book about learning. What I am trying to say here is – the “real” world is richer in “filtered information” with a more human shape than the virtual world is. Even Darren Rowse from ProBlogger suggested in one of his books that you need to take a walk to the mall to see how the live marketing is being done.

More interesting is the fact that you get the chance to write about things you like and you do, like I did in my previous posts about how can Chess Improve Your Blogging skills or you can get an idea of a wonderful, exotic yet very informative and unusual post, like this one – Drinking Water Will Make You a Better Blogger. There are so many resources out there from which you can pick some of the most interesting post to surprise your audience.

6. Keep Your Friends Close

This advice/conclusion can be a real pillar for whatever you are doing, whether you are a blogger or not. You need your friends, no matter what you are doing and who you are. Being alone is just not right and it will not help you achieve awesome results. It can help you accomplish some tasks, but for big results you always need a team. Before that, you need support and help, appreciation and guidance. You friends are wells of joy, well being and optimism for you.

Keep them close, speak to them about your evolution, be an effective listener and help them too. Online communication is good, but that is more keeping in touch than actually spending time with your friends. Go to a movie, rent some bikes, have a beer! Unleash the energy within you with those who know you the best and make you feel great. This lesson can also be found in The Secret book, where is written “do more of what you love and do it often”.

7. Love Yourself

No, this is not narcissism or any other form of vanity or simple selfishness. We are talking more about knowing who you are and what you represent. Something like your coefficient of personality’s frugality or humbleness. For example, I know that I am a good soccer player/trainer/speed reader, therefore I try to do more of these things that make me appreciate myself. Interacting with people during seminars or playing a soccer game is a much more exciting experience than writing a post and receiving thousands of visitors/thousand of comments. I reckon that the online success also gives a thrill of its own, but there are many other sides of our ego that we don’t develop. Maybe you are a good painter, singer, musician, graffiti artist, potter, hand made enthusiast, children animator, gossip-er (why not), actor and the list goes on.

Don’t limit yourself to what you are doing most time of the day and what you are focusing the most. For example, since September this year, I am taking acting classes, not that I am that much into acting but I dreamed making movies. Maybe this will not yield what I expect, but I get such a big load of life experience which makes my own existence more valuable to myself and the people I know.

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